Episode 4: Smartin' Up, Will Ya?! Funerals, Death and Grief


Our guest, Annette Berarducci

Our guest, Annette Berarducci

Jess and Margy went to the Berarducci Funeral Home to interview Annette Berarducci. This is a special episode because Annette is not only a friend of Margy's family, she is also the Funeral Director who handled Margy's dad after he died in 2015. 

In this interview we talk about: 

  • Annette's story and how she became such a compassionate person 

  • How to support people who are grieving and how to get through your own grief 

  • Who to call if you find someone who died 

  • Similarities between birth and death 

  • How our culture's relationship with death has changed 

Book Mentioned: 

God: A Human History

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