The backstory:

Jess and Margy met in 2011, fresh out of college working for a non profit. Jess was the director and Margy was hired as a freshly graduated art and latin major with no other job prospects.

Margy was relocated to the Austin, TX office for a cross train opportunity and instead of returning home to Jess's office, she quit that job and moved to Taiwan for two years (YOLO!).

In 2015, Margy experienced a devastating loss  when her dad died by suicide. Jess was at the gym when she saw margy post about it on facebook asking for people to foster his many animals. Jess messaged her and took in her dad's cat, Kitten. 

In 2016, Jess hired Margy for a remote job in her business that she did in colorado and about 6 months after that, Margy moved home to rhode island and took a full time job with the company.

fast forward to 2017: Jess tried to maintain a policy of not being friends with her staff, but margy took this as a challenge & the rest is history. 

womensplaining: A podcast about dealing with life

Womensplaining is a series of conversations between jess and margy with occasional guest interviews. The podcast most frequently addresses topics related to vulnerability, mental illness, and personal growth.